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John E Hogan of Hastings Florida

John Hogan formerly of Cullom, Illinois and graduate of Tri Point High school in Cullom back in 1973 now resides in Hastings Florida USA. John married Debra Schook of Pontiac Illinois in 1986 in St Augustine Florida. Debra Hogan (Schook) is a nurse in Jacksonville Florida for many years. 

John used to do building contract work, and Machinist work for many years. Today John is an online advertising/marketing guy.

John Hogan's mom and dad still live in Cullom (Orville and Jean Floyd). Debra's mom and dad live in Pontiac, IL (Bernadine and Arnold Schook).

John Hogan has lived in Cullom IL, Pontiac IL, Bloomington and Normal Illinois, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas, St Augustine Florida, and today in Hastings Florida.

John is the owner/administrator of his own web servers which are Linux based and located in a class 5 data center which he manages remotely from his home office. John also designs enterprise class portal type sites for Business, Community oriented, and Empowerment enabled type interests.

John Hogan is accomplished with demonstrated skills and ability in such as: SEO tasks (search engine optimizations), Graphic Designs, Animations in GIF and FLASH presentations/animations, Content writing, Video Productions and editing, Digital Photography, and User support. John is well studied in marketing/advertising, and Sales.

John is the owner/editor of Fecn News which is devoted to enabling the Real News as seen in the eyes it matters the most to - YOU!

John Hogan    Debra Hogan

John Hogan has been in the hosting and site design arena since 1993 (longer than 95% of any other in the business) and has great knowledge in proper site designs/seo/and programming ideas to make ANY site idea a reality and make it work as expected! 

Mr. Hogan primarily designs and hosts sites in the N.E. Florida areas, however; he has sites from New York, Illinois, California, and several Western states as well in his portfolio to review.

John Hogan's hobbies and likes are such as:
  • Shooting, Hunting
  • Martial Arts
  • Fishing and snorkeling/Scuba Diving/ and Boating
  • Motorcycles and riding
  • Cooking out
  • Building Community oriented type portals or social network sites
John Hogan's favorite Television shows and Movies:
  • 2 1/2 men
  • King of Queens
  • The Matrix
  • Star Trek (all of them)
  • Jerry Seinfield show
  • Friends
  • Human Target
  • CSI (all of them)
  • NCIS (all of them)
  • Legend of the Seeker
  • Justified
  • Fringe
  • Warehouse 13
  • Burn Notice
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